What is EMED Health Information Exchange?

EMED-HIE is a HIPAA secure health information exchange program for effective mode of patient connection through built-in platform of Telemedicine, Chronic Care, Complex Chronic Care, Remote Care Management and requires no upfront expense for implementation.

EMED-HIE is a consumer mediator exchange which provides patients with an access to their health information, allowing them to manage their healthcare online in a similar fashion as to how they manage their finances through online banking.

When in control of their health information patient can actively participate in their care coordination by:-

  • Identifying and correcting wrong or missing health information
  • Identifying and correcting incorrect billing information
  • Tracking and monitoring their own health
  • Easier coordination of care
  • Improved patient engagement
  • Meaningful use compliance

Using EMED-HIE you can manage and transfer health records with trendy, advance & extensive features like:

Video Conferencing
Emergency Information
Remote Patient Monitoring
Advance Care Planning (ACP)
Comprehensive Care plan (CCP)
Chronic Care Management (CCM)
Complex Chronic Care (CCC)
Electronic Medical Emergency Device

Choose Your Plan

CPT 99497
CPT 99487
CPT 99490
CPT 99091
Advance care planning is about doing what you can do to ensure that health care treatment you may receive is consistent with your wishes and preferences should you be unable to make your own decisions or speak for yourself.
  • Create an Advance Care Plan and share it with your Physician, Hospitals, Clinics, Family and friends.
  • Protect patient’s opinion in case of medical emergency.
  • Daily dashboards, task management, and notifications
Categorized diseases of Chronic Origin Easy to use dashboard and audit trail provides a quick look at changes made by the physician.
  • Track Medications, Conditions, Allergies etc.
  • Share your health record with Physicians to provide complete picture.
  • Video Consultation.
  • Assessment and support for treatment, regimen, adherence and medication management.
  • Collection of health outcomes data.
  • Communication with home health agencies and other community services the patient may use.
Protect yourself in a medical emergency by carrying an EMED-HIE user device that contains:
  • Priority Emergency Medical information like Medications, Conditions, Vitals and Allergies.
  • Comprehensive Health Record (Encrypted).

EMED-HIE is the complete solution to help you meet the complex requirements of Meaningful Use and Medicare's new CPT Codes. We combine easy-to-use technology with intelligent data services to provide the most comprehensive solution available.

  • This includes a healthcare proxy, durable power of attorney for healthcare, living will, and medical orders for life-sustaining treatment.
  • ACP visit can be included with Annual Wellness Visit to avoid co-pay.
  • Unlike transitional care management (TCM) more than one provider may bill for ACP furnished to the same patient during the same time period.
  • Unlike chronic care management, the physician or NPP is not required to obtain the patient’s written consent to bill for ACP.
  • However, CMS encourages providers to inform patients of applicable cost-sharing requirements.
  • First 30 minutes, face- to-face with the patient, family member(s) and/or surrogate).
Complex Chronic Care Coordination services encompasses first hour of clinical staff time directed by a physician or other qualified health care professional with no face-to-face visit, per calendar month

The services that may be provided by the clinical staff include:
  • Assessment and support for treatment regimen adherence and medication management.
  • Collection of health outcomes data and registry documentation.
  • Communication with home health agencies and other community services the patient may use.
  • Communication and engagement with the patient, family members, caretaker or guardian, surrogate decision makers, and/or other professionals regarding aspects of care.
  • Communication to the patient relative.
Applicable for the category of patients who receives three or more prescription medications/ therapeutic interventions such as physical or occupational therapy has two or more chronic continuous or episodic health conditions.
  • Complete solution for executing and billing for CCM services ("Every month/Patient for 20 minutes").
  • It helps to improve treatment results through continuous patient monitoring and recording vitals.
  • It improves the patient experience (RPM).
  • It saves a lot on time front for both practitioner and patient.
Remote patient Monitoring technology allows monitoring of patients outside of conventional clinical settings. This service provides the healthcare provider’s ability to continue monitoring patient health, regardless of patient’s location, even when they are not at home.
  • It helps in reducing cost of hospital stay.
  • It supports an increased level of accuracy for clinical monitoring readings.
  • It provides the patients with real-time support and interventions.
  • It promotes extension of care at home after discharge thus helping to prevent emergencies.
  • Remote Patient Monitoring can be billed in conjugation with CPT 99490(CCM).
EMED Health Information Exchange (EMED-HIE) is a tool to engage, empower, and inspire people to achieve better health at lower cost. EMED-HIE has four major features: -
  • A personal, confidential health network to communicate with your providers, health coaches, specific communities, friends, and family. You are always in charge of your information and you decide how, when, and with whom it is shared.
  • Tool for managing your medical bills, insurance claims, and health accounts such as FSA and HSA.
  • A secure life-long Personal Health Record (PHR).
  • Tool for personalized preventive health & wellness recommendations and follow-ups.
If you came to EMED-HIE through a link from one of your healthcare providers, your provider may or may not send certain information, like Imaging Reports (please note: this information may take up to 10 days to appear in your account). If, for example, you were hoping to see your Imaging Reports but they were not sent (ie. 10 days have passed), contact your provider to see if they are sending this information to patients through EMED-HIE. Many people want to know how to use EMED-HIE to store their complete medical record. One way is to manually input the information yourself in your “Health Records” page.
The best way to obtain and store your information is to contact your healthcare providers and ask for “an electronic copy of my medical record.” Providers are REQUIRED to be able to provide this information to you in the form of a special file called a “CCD or CCDA.” (Alternatively, some facilities offer a "Patient Portal" where you can login to view lab results and other health information. Typically these services also offer the ability to download this “CCD” file, often contained within a ZIP folder.) Once you obtain the “CCD” file, you can use the “Health Record Setup Wizard or CCD/CCDA IMPORT” page to upload the file. EMED-HIE will then automatically read the information and sort and organize it appropriately.
In addition, many providers are joining in on EMED's efforts and participate in direct, automated transmission of health information with us. This eliminates the somewhat tedious middle step of obtaining the “CCD” file from your provider and needing to upload it into EMED-HIE portal. If your provider is interested in connecting with us, encourage them to register at www.emedhie.com
Ultimately, our goal is to allow you to obtain, manage, store, and transfer all of your health information in one place in a completely automated way. We're making great strides towards this goal, and will continue to update our users as new developments arise. If you have further questions, are having trouble with a “CCD/CCDA” file, or would like to learn more, please visit our Forum or email us at support@emedhie.com
EMED-HIE is hosted in an environment that complies with the HIPAA and HITECH Act security standards surrounding the storage of Protected Health Information (PHI). We, through our hosting partner, have deployed all commercially available security measures to securely store and transmit your data. Your information is encrypted over-the-wire (“in-transit between your browser and our servers”) as well as in our databases (“at-rest”). Despite these measures to ensure a secure environment, storing personal data online always carries a degree of risk, as described in our Terms & Conditions.
You can send us email to support@emedhie.com on questions regarding the use of the website. Please DO NOT SEND US ANY HEALTH OR CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION ABOUT YOU OR YOUR FAMILY. DO NOT SEND US YOUR PASSWORD. Before you write to us, please see if your questions are addressed in the Forum or in this FAQ.
EMED-HIE is accessible via the vast majority of commonly used internet browsers and versions. If you encounter technical problems with the site otherwise, please contact us at support@emedhie.com. You can access EMED-HIE using the following browsers and versions.
  • Internet Explorer (version 9 and up)
  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Firefox
After you have selected your plan and verified your email address, you can order a device by clicking on add a device from DASHBOARD panel. If you have family members you can add their device by clicking on FAMILY MEMBERS, ADD A DEVICE.
Sometimes you may have a medical record that was on the paper and now you want to digitize it and keep it as part of your complete health record. Files can be uploaded in PDF and JPEG formats.
PHI export allows you to download your complete health record in a zipped file. The file is password protected. Use web portal password to unzip the file. Plug-in USB device and save it. Your complete health record is encrypted and is password protected. Emergency profile is visible to anyone.
From Dashboard, click on emergency profile, click on download PDF. Emergency profile is visible to anyone.
You can invite your physician to join EMED-HIE. Registration for Physicians and providers is free. Simply click on invite Physician and enter necessary information.
Service is billed as monthly subscription with one year contract. After one year you have the option to renew, cancel or go to month to month billing.
Your Personal Health Record is a private and secure online record of your clinical information such as your problem list, allergies, medications, immunization records, lab tests, and procedures.
  • Your health information is scattered across many different providers and healthcare organizations. Keeping your own complete, updated, and easily-accessible health record has a number of benefits to you as a healthcare consumer. Storing, reviewing, and consolidating this information helps you become an informed healthcare consumer.
  • A current up-to-date PHR can reduce or eliminate duplicate procedures or tests saving you time and money.
  • A consolidated record allows you to knowledgeably discuss your health with healthcare providers and bring new caregivers up to speed in a very short time.
  • Easy access and mobility of your EMED-HIE record of pre-existing problems, allergies, and medications is invaluable during an emergency.
  • Your account allows storage of physician instructions, prescriptions, allergies, medications, insurance claims, etc.
  • Electronic, online storage allows you to share your information securely with your providers, caregivers, and family members.
You can create a personal health record for each of your family members. Establish them as your family in EMED-HIE and all PHR capabilities are available to each of them. Anyone in your account over the age of 18 can have separate access to his or her Personal Health Record. You can directly operate accounts for children under the age of 18 and for other individuals for whose care you are responsible.
One of the most important benefits of seeing your health record is that you can take greater personal responsibility for your health information. If you see information that you think is not accurate, you may want to discuss that with your provider at your next visit, or if more urgent, you may contact your provider sooner. The Problem List is probably the health information that patients find most difficult to understand. A “Problem” might include the name of a screening test, like “Screening Mammogram,” which might seem illogical to you. But the need for a screening test is considered a medical problem. In some cases, you might see the same problem stated in multiple different ways, or an old problem that no longer exists. You can edit your Problems yourself, or you can discuss your problem list with your healthcare provider at your next visit.